Arabia Mountain Adventure Session | Jasmine + Hakeem

It’s not every day that you get to photograph love on mars. Okay, okay. A girl can dream. It’s just a mountain in Atlanta, but boy did the three of us have a blast. From golden hour giggles and into blue hour, we laughed until our stomaches hurt, danced to some new music (thanks Hakeem) and captured the best of memories. Thankful for clients who aren’t afraid to lay down on the ground, get silly, and embark on an adventure with me!

PHX Wedding | Christina + Brian

If you know me by now you know just how much I LOVE the desert. And you already know I did a happy dance when Christina and Brian booked us for their wedding! YES, I’ll take any excuse to be back in the desert. (Shameless plug) So, if you’re in California, Arizona, Utah, or Nevada, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO ;)

Now, onto Christina and Brian’s beautiful wedding day, which had me in tears more times than once (i’ll get into that later). From the get go, Christina and Brian both told us that they wanted their wedding day to be intimate, communal, and all about their family and friends. And they did just that! From getting ready all the way up until their reception, you’ll find that their loved ones were fully involved in their wedding day. For example, they specifically carved out time to grab a coffee with their bridal party and grab tacos and smoothies next door. Many couples try to rush through their wedding day, but not Christina and Brian. They savored it, laughed in the company of their loved ones, and slowed down their day to fully enjoy it with those who matter most!

Now, I bet you’re curious as to why I cried. I’ll explain. During the ceremony the pastor asked Christina and Brian to face one another and say their vows. I was crying (thank God for my camera covering up my ugly tears) as both Christina and Brian made their vows FIRST to one another’s children. This, to me, was so symbolic of redemption and beauty. It wasn’t just about Christina and Brian, even though they were the main event, but it was also about their children and making sure they fully knew that their home would be one of comfort, safety, peace, and LOVE. I was speechless many times through out their wedding, but nothing hit me harder than this one. I hope you too will see the love and joy that permeated Christina and Brian’s wedding day. Keep scrolling, it’s a good one, I promise!