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Krog Street Engagement Session | Courtney + Ted

Courtney + Ted took a nice walk down memory lane for their engagement session and it was sooo much fun to see how their story began. We started off at the Krog Street Tunnels, walked around the streets of Atlanta, and ended the evening at Felinis- the local pizza joint where Courtney and Ted had their very first date. Oh, and did I mention that this session could very well double as a Calvin Klein? I mean… LOOK AT THESE TWO!

A Romanian Summer


Hands down my favorite city to visit in Romania. Every corner is filled with so much beauty and character. Alex and I would walk for hours upon hours and just absorb the city. Below you will find pictures from the iconic St. Michaels Catholic Church in the middle of Cluj’s downtown. One particular evening a Hungarian congregation filled the streets with hymns. There was something so magical about that evening.

Many of our nights were spent at local cafes, eating, drinking, and people watching. We ate a little too much (can you blame us when the food is DELICIOUS?) and were definitely overly caffeinated. Our goal was to visit every cafe in Cluj, but let’s be honest, even our three cups of coffee a day couldn’t help us complete this task in such a short time. This can only mean one thing: we must go back to Cluj.


Another favorite city. Even though Sibiu is merely a few hours away from Cluj, the landscape and architecture are wholly unique. If you look closely at the buildings the windows look like sleepy eyes, and in an odd way, I too felt like I was being watched as I was frolicking around the city. Aside from the gorgeous sunset that met us on our first night in Sibiu, we were shown around the city by a Korean foreign exchange student and somehow ended up at a food truck/ film festival. Our time spent in Sibiu was nothing short of amazing.


The location that left us speechless. Though it was blazing hot everywhere in Romania, Transfagarasan met us with cool, crisp air. We sat for hours and just looked out at all of the beauty surrounding us. Time stood still for those short hours. We foraged gorgeous mountain wildflowers and were reminded of how truly small humans are and how beautiful Earth is.

Fun fact: Transfagarasan was rated the #1 road in the world by Top Gear. Woo hoo!

Somewhere Between Cities, RO.

This block of images is compiled from the in-between. The transitory photos that nevertheless hold a special place in our hearts. These first few images were snapped when we pulled off the road to take a break. We were approached by a pregnant, starving dog and gave her all of the food we had. If I could I would open up a dog farm in Romania and rescue all of these street dogs.


This town took us by surprise. After driving for what felt like 24 hours we decided to lodge in this mountainous city for the night. We were given the best home-cooked meal by our hosts and left feeling energized and inspired. The morning of our departure Alex and I took a stroll through out the city. When the locals found out that we were from America they demanded that I take their portrait. It was so special to see how their faces lit up from merely having their photo taken. I am sending them their portraits in the mail this coming week and cannot wait to hear back from them.


The city where my parents come from. The city where we enjoyed wonderful moments with loved ones and walked so much our feet blistered. I’ve been to Romania several times and never seem to learn the fact that sneakers are a must!


We were closer to home than we could have ever imagined. As we were wrapping up our trip to Romania we pulled over in Hunedoara to lodge for the night. As Alex and I were laying in bed talking, he thought to himself “this name, Hunedoara, sounds so familiar to me.” Immediately he phone his mother and she filled us in on her most fond childhood memories in this city. Little did we know that by morning Alex’s entire family (who he never met) were waiting for us in the hotel lobby. A morning that was suppose to be insignificant turned into the highlight of our trip! Alex got to walk the streets that his mother walked, meet all of her neighbors (who oddly enough still live in the same exact homes 30 years later), and bond with his family. We cried. They cried. It was the perfect ending to our trip.

And a silly little video we put together.