greenhouse engagement session

Alexis + Austin | Atlanta, GA

You haven't seen cute until you've seen Alexis and Austin. If I even paused for a second to adjust my camera settings I would look up to find the two giggling amongst themselves. Let me tell you- they made my job quite easy. It never felt like I had to pose or direct them. What you see in these photos is their raw, natural, and bubbly selves, filled with nothing but sweet love for one another. Whether we were running through the grass or dancing in a green house, I had thee best time hanging out with Alexis and Austin. I cannot wait for their March wedding!  

Gloria + Michael | Greenhouse Engagement Session | Chicago, IL

Surprise, surprise. I have posted a greenhouse session yet again. I couldn't help myself. The gorgeous greenery and variations of texture all in a well-lit room make greenhouses one of my favorite places to shoot. Perhaps it is somewhat rooted in nostalgia. As a child I would help my mother garden in our front and backyard. Occasional Saturdays were spent accompanying my father to Home Depot, where I would often get lost in the garden section. To me, plants symbolize the very essence of life. I’m trying not to get too science-y over here, but without plants humans wouldn't be able to breathe, as plants are a huge component of our respiration process. What better place to photograph love than in a large house filled with the finest blooming florals and a tremendous sense of wonder? 

Cheers to you, Gloria and Michael. I pray your new journey as husband and wife is filled with adventure, wonder, and joy. Where ever you go and whatever you do, may you constantly bloom.