Krog Street Engagement Session | Courtney + Ted

Courtney + Ted took a nice walk down memory lane for their engagement session and it was sooo much fun to see how their story began. We started off at the Krog Street Tunnels, walked around the streets of Atlanta, and ended the evening at Felinis- the local pizza joint where Courtney and Ted had their very first date. Oh, and did I mention that this session could very well double as a Calvin Klein? I mean… LOOK AT THESE TWO!

Lindsey + Dan | Roswell Engagement Session

I absolutely loved my time with Lindsey + Dan. Not only were they a blast to hang out with, but they didn’t mind letting loose and having a water fight, even though they spotted a water moccasin (for those of you who don’t know- a scary snake that you want to be as far away from as possible) just a few feet away from. Yay for fun and adventurous engagement sessions!