Natalie + Mike’s wedding will go down in history as our favorite wedding. Here’s why: it wasn’t the gorgeous mid-century modern decor or the delicious food (best wedding food Alex and I have ever been treated to at a wedding); it was first and foremost, Natalie + Mike. We have never met a more laidback, fun, and caring couple. Ever. Allow me to illustrate. 

The morning of the wedding Mike’s to-do list read, 1. Waffle House; 2. Buy wedding suit; 3. GET MARRIED. Don’t believe me-keep scrolling down. To top it off their Uber ride broke down and they ended up getting transported in a mini van to their wedding. (again, photos will illustrate this). Through out their entire wedding day Natalie + Mike were more concerned with their friends, family members, guests and us than they were with themselves even though it was THEIR DAY. Alex and I were completely floored. They were asking us if we were okay, if we needed water or anything. WHAT?! (making me cry over here). These two really do put others before themselves and have such a caring spirit. Looking through their photos and compiling this blog (which was so hard to narrow down to my favorites because they’re all my favorite) brought back all the feels. We miss their wedding day.