Adrian + Flavia | Denver, CO Wedding

Numerous times I caught myself smiling while editing Flavia + Adrian's wedding photos. There I would be, 12 AM, sitting in front of my computer screen, and smiling from ear to ear. It may have been a moment where Flavia + Adrian were giggling amongst themselves that I was able to quickly snap. Or, it may have been the moment when Flavia was putting on her wedding dress with the help of her mother. The joy in the room was palpable. There she was, standing in front of a mirror with her mother tearing up behind her. A true miracle. After being told she wouldn't be given a visa, Flavia's mother was granted the ability to fly from Romania to Colorado (after 5 years of not seeing her daughter) to see Flavia as the beautiful bride she was.

I can go on and on about countless moments that struck my heart, left me smiling, or even made me tear up. But I'll leave it at this: Flavia + Adrian's wedding day was filled with peace and pure joy. Cheers to Mr. + Mrs. Priala.