Danielle + Charlie | Piedmont Park, ATL

Danielle and Charlie, or shall we say sassy and witty? Alex and I immediately clicked with these two, from the beginning of our emailing back and forth. We found ourselves staring at our computer screen and laughing out loud. We knew come Saturday July 9th, we would finally meet the couple responsible for so many laughs. 

Sure enough, July 9th rolls around and we are anxiously waiting in front of Charles Allen Gate at Piedmont Park.  Out of our peripheral vision, we spot four moving objects, what appears to be two humans and two animals. The blurry image gets closer and sharper. With some “hellos” and “nice-to-meet-yous” Danielle and Charlie jump right in with the jokes. In most instances, we find ourselves (the photographers) entertaining our clients, but in this instance, it was quite the opposite. Danielle, Charlie, Sansa, and Leonidas made our time special and lighthearted. 

Piedmont Park really has a lot to offer in terms of diversity and photo locations. We started from the skyline and made our way up until a beautiful lake with surrounding willow trees. We were able to witness the twilight of day leading into the bright, golden morning sun. Danielle and Charlie have a love that is electrifying. These two click in the best way possible and we are so happy for their special day. We look forward to capturing their wedding this coming November! 




The Micleas