Galina | Portrait Session

Anyone who knows me knows I have a deep passion for styled shoots. From brainstorming to outfit selections, I find it all so exciting. However, after moving to Georgia, I found it hard to simply pick up where I left off back in California (where I knew virtually every nook and cranny). I had no clue where to shoot, who to shoot with...and you get the point. I felt lost and feelings of discouragement were quickly seeping in. 

I thank the Lord for my community over here. They not only encouraged me, but reminded me of my creative gifts, and ultimately who the Gift Giver truly is. It is no mistake that I come alive when I am behind my camera, documenting whatever it is before my eyes. My desires reflect the Creator's desires, as he is creative and altogether beautiful (just look at the world around you). That being said, I now know that I am right where I need to be. Here's to my first styled shoot in Georgia and to many many more.