Charleston, SC | Travel Journal

Charleston has no doubt made its way on our favorite-places-to-travel list. Although we had a mere day to soak up the charming little city, it was quite eventful. We started our morning sauntering through Rainbow Row- block after block of exquisitely colorful homes and buildings. Next, we grabbed a coffee at Black Tap coffee and made our way to the beach, pausing and breathing in the fresh, salty air with our coffees in hand. With only a few short hours left, we scattered to a nearby park and admired the mossy and blooming trees. Though we were not able to visit any plantations (although I am saving that for next time) we were able to visit Fort Sumter and get our daily dose of history. Poogan's Smokehouse - a delicious BBQ joint located in the heart of Charleston- was our last stop for the evening. With our bellies full and our hearts overwhelmed, we parted ways with a city rich in history and culture.

So, there you have it. Charleston in one day.